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Aja returns to the Saturday, January 30th, 2016!

Thanks to all who caught our 10 year anniversary concert this year!

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Thanks to everyone for making our latest
show one of the biggest to date! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for the latest updates on Aja!



Don't miss our next performance at
Saturday, January 11th, 2014!

for more info and ticket information.

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Thanks for another great night at last Friday!

Don't miss our next FREE, all-ages performance at Mason's "Sunshine Summer" Concert Series. for more info!



New photos are up from our 20th Century Theater performance! . Thanks to John Petric for the photos.

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Our next show is at Friday, June 28th! Stay tuned for some other special announcements for this summer!We have also added some new video clips from our recent appearance at the 20th Century Theater! to check them out!

A very special thanks to our guest pedal steel guitarist, Cameron Cochran!



Happy 2013! We are gearing up for our upcoming performance! Visit our shows page for more information!



Thanks for another excellent evening (and packed house) at ! We are happy to welcome our new guitarist, on board to the Aja family! Wishing the best for long time Aja guitarist, Steve Langemo and his family on their move out to beautiful, Colorado!

Be sure and check out the performances page for information on our annual show in February, 2013!